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Here's what some of our clients have said about us!

Sara P. - Yelp - 5 stars

"I brought my 5 year old daughter in to get her ears pierced and I could not have imagined a more perfect experience!! Cynthia and Megan were so friendly, welcoming and made the experience so special for us. They were clear on the instructions and options, did the piercing quickly and 'magically' and sent both my daughter and son off with balloons, stuffed toys and lollipops. I mean, does it get any better?! Thank you Cynthia and Megan!"

AShlyn H. - Yelp - 5 Stars

"BEST PLACE EVER!!! I got my first nose piercing here! They recommend threadless and it was worth the upgrade! Jackie was super friendly and made the whole experience really smooth and nice. I would definitely drive back down from the bay to get another piercing."

Karen I. - Yelp - 5 stars

"Haven't had a piercing done for years and today felt like the day to get one done. I did research for clean, skilled and friendly places and saw this place was it. I read many reviews and decided to head over and try them out. Glad I did! Right when we walked in we felt welcomed. They are so great at giving you all the information you need on the how to. Looks like this will be my go to place for future piercings!"

Jennifer N. - Yelp - 5 Stars

"The best place to go! Consider this the Nordstrom of all tattoo parlors.

Went in to get my navel piercing jewelry replaced and Cynthia was the best! She explained that the jewelry I had was unsafe and was very informative about why certain pieces need to be higher quality. I also went in to take my cartilage jewelry which pierced at a different parlor.

Her professional advice and reassurance are the reasons why you should come here! Don't settle for anything less than CM Hurt."

Michelle S. - Google - 5 Stars

"I'm from out of town and was looking for a female body piercer. I found CM Hurt online, read the reviews and went based off of that. The prices are fair compared to other shops I've been to at home (Vancouver, BC).They also send you home with an aftercare kit including sanitizing soap, saline and care instructions. CM Hurt is welcoming, professional and sanitary. I've had many piercings and have never had an experience like this. I highly recommend you check them out!"

Matthew J. - google - 5 Stars

"Best piercer in the OC! Immaculate studio, Cynthia always leads the way in health and safety education in her craft. If you're going to get pierced, this is the only place you should go."

Kirsty M. - Google - 5 Stars

"Miss Cynthia is amazing and fixed someone else’s terrible piercing job I had. She actually looked at my face to see the best placement and accommodated my nerves and the fact that I am a pain in the butt! The place is beautiful and service I received was far above any other place I’ve been too. Great selection of jewelry and I would absolutely be going back for more work."

Brad C. - Google - 5 Stars

"Cynthia pierced my daughter's ears (she's 7) and was really good with her.

She talked her through the process, and was very gentle and caring."

Sue C. - Facebook - 5 Stars

"Had both my daughters get their ears pierced here and Ms Cynthia was awesome. Very friendly, talked you through the procedure to calm the nerves down for my girls and sanitary. I will be back for myself next time."

Zara R. - Facebook - 5 Stars

" I have had my cartilage pierced multiple times and multiple different places, and it always got infected because of poor instruction. Cynthia was absolutely incredible, took time to hear what my issues were, what my preferences were, and made my beautiful piercing dream come true! I'm absolutely in love with my jewelry. She is a true professional who does her research, and I couldn't recommend her shop enough, and her assistant as well."

Arizbeth R. - Facebook - 5 Stars

" Cynthia is a very Knowledgeable piercer and such a fun person. Definitely will be taking trips to see her. She's always ready to help and answer every question you may have. Highly professional Location."

Bekha P. - Facebook - 5 Stars

" We just took our 8 month old today to get her ears pierced. We walked in, was prepared to give our daughter tylenol for the pain like we do when she gets her vaccines, but we were told it wasnt needed.
we filled out all the paperwork and got to pick the earrings and we got a care kit.
Our daughter is normally a very calm and happy baby, so it was easy for her to pay attention where she needed. It was all quick, sanity, professional and friendly.
I would strongly recommend going here for infant piercings!
another thing is it was very hard trying to find anywhere that would do it in Long Beach, let alone had experience piercing infants ears.

 Beautiful results · Expert piercing "

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